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Ninjaspy @ The Media Club

While shooting Ninjaspy’s set bassist Tim Parent asked me, while playing, if there was anything else I needed. Are you serious? I almost choked on my beer (that the band had given me earlier). Sure, they knew Kristi Alexandra and I were covering the show for the Straight and being nice won’t buy a favourable review but I’ll very willing to admit that good ol’fashioned, gentlemanly manners get me every time. Ninjaspy, you’re alright! Oh, yes, the review. Right here.

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Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen is beautiful. As Straight scribe Tony Montague writes in his review of the show in Vancouver at Rogers Centre, “The Montreal–born writer and singer was happy to be in his homeland once again. “It must have been 40 years ago after a show in England some journalist wrote ‘Leonard Cohen is a boring old drone, and should go the fuck back to Canada where he belongs,’ ” he told the sold-out audience at one point.” For the full review, click here.

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