Muse – Pacific Coliseum

02 Apr

The first indication that Muse was going to put on a, shall we say, a bit of a spectacle last night was that the top parking lot of the Pacific Coliseum, where it’s usually a cinch to find a spot – even during sold-out shows –  was clogged with semi trucks and trailers. When we got in, we photographers found out we were restricted to shooting from the floor, in the back by the soundboard. Which is normally an impossible place to shoot from, especially since everybody in the country over the height of 6-foot-5 with a giant head seems to be rooted right in our sight-lines. But, when Muse opened with “Uprising” they did so, coincidentally, perched on risers, up about 50 miles from the floor. What ensued was the reason why the Brits are considered to be the next greatest rock band on the planet. Read Gregory Adams’ review in the Straight by clicking here.

For a look at the set, click one post back.

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One response to “Muse – Pacific Coliseum

  1. The Ulcer

    April 8, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    Awesome photo!!


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