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Pin-up Ice Hockey Calendar

Meet the Ice-O-Topes, a women’s Division Two hockey team that plays out in the ASHL in Burnaby, BC. Instead of the usual pub night or meat sale, the Ice-O-Topes decided to do something a little different for fund-raising —  a pin-up hockey calendar. I photographed the team (which I also happen to play for) late last year and the calendar started selling just in time for Christmas. Partial proceeds go towards the Britannia After School Hockey program in East Vancouver which introduces underprivileged teenagers to the sport.

The calendars are 20 dollars and are available at The Sports Exchange (5th and Burrard in Vancouver), by ordering off eBay (shipping included!) or emailing my office at: info at


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A Mexican Wedding – Part III

As mentioned in the Part II photograph, our photo shoot in this little shopping square was interrupted by a rain storm. Everybody either dove for cover (like us) or left. As soon as the rain stopped, about five minutes later, we dashed back into the square and I set up Mick and Jodi by a sombrero cart which had the hats scattered all around. I liked this angle with the sombreros haphazardly lined up.

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A Mexican wedding – Part II

Another one of my favourites from Mick and Jodi’s portrait session. Rain had just finished gushing from the sky, in that way only tropical rain can, and as soon as it finished we came out from under cover to take advantage of the wet ground and the moody sky. I like to believe a great wedding photograph is not necessarily about pretty skies and backgrounds, but rather something that really captures the moment; something unique.

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A Mexican Wedding, Part I

I had the absolute pleasure of being asked to photograph Mick and Jodi’s wedding in the Mayan Riviera region of Mexico last month. The couple were married Dec. 10, 2009. After all the important wedding-related things were said, done and photographed, we headed to, or rather into, the warm waters of Tulum where we had some fun getting wet in our clothes (granted theirs were a little fancier than mine).

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Band Portrait session with Pacifika

One of my all-time favourite bands to photograph is Vancouver-based Pacifika. I’ve done their promo photography over the years so it was great to once again check back with the band, behind the camera. This time we shot on location in Port Moody (the above photo is the first test frame). I’ll post some photographs soon, as soon as I hand off the disc to the band. In the meantime, Pacifika’s site is here.

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