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Hi everybody:

You’ve reached my abandoned blog! I’m keeping it alive as many of you appear to be visiting and checking out the photo archives, however, I won’t be updating things here for the time being. Due to time restraints, I’m limiting my online activity to Twitter (you can check out my feed by clicking here. There’s also my online portfolio, too, if you’d like to see more photos).

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Last Post

I’ve started a new ‘Shoot of the Week’ photography post on my web site which will replace the posts on this blog. It’s an experiment for now; I’ll see how it goes and either resume posting here, or kill the blog altogether. Thanks so much for following and for your support!

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Britney Spears

Britney Spears rolled into Vancouver’s Rogers Centre for Canada Day (smart planning on her part as those naughty weed smokers, who rudely stopped her last show in town, were wherever they were celebrating Cannabis Day). Us photographers were escorted to the far reaches of the stadium to shoot from the soundboard four songs in. Since we weren’t allowed to bring step-ladders or milk crates in for this show, we had to duck waving hands, cell phone cameras and that inevitable seven-foot tall fan standing right in our sight-lines (guess I’ll have to start wearing my “shooting stilettos” again). Sarah Rowland reviewed the spectacle for the Georgia Straight.

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The Boom Booms

Here is some of my work from a recent photo shoot with the Boom Booms, a six-piece Latin-soul-funk-rock-reggae band from Vancouver, BC. These guys were so much fun (which had absolutely nothing to do with being shot in a fully-stocked basement bar from 1972). We shot some promo photographs at the rehearsal spot, then headed to the basement to shoot in the bar and on the dance floor where we staged the natural combination of a poker game, some breaking, and of course, an organ-hymn sing-a-long led by band vocalist/rhythm guitarist Aaron Nazrul. The band’s new album “Hot Rum” is out Saturday with a release party at the Electric Owl.

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Rihanna rolled into Van last night to play the first of two sold-out shows at Rogers Centre. It was a soundboard shoot, from the floor, so big thanks to fellow photographer Michele Neilson for sharing her step ladder. John Lucas reviewed the spectacle for the Straight, read it here.

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Bison b.c.

Bison b.c. is arguably one of the best metal bands out of Vancouver and I photographed the band in all of its hairy glory at the Rickshaw Theatre’s second anniversary party this past Saturday. Allan MacInnes reviewed the show, click here.

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CV2 cover award

Was just told that my photograph of Vancouver-based poet Elizabeth Bachinsky, which was published on the cover of CV2 magazine, won the Best Consumer Magazine Cover 2010 in the Manitoba Magazine Publishers’ Association annual awards. Thanks to Ms. Bachinsky for being so game when it came to sitting on an alley dumpster!

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